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CPCS Information

CPCS TECHNICAL TEST- is designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate a measurable level of operating ability along with underpinning knowledge. It is in two parts a theory test and a practical test. The candidate must successful pass the theory test before they can attempt the practical. However before the candidate can take any part of the CPCS technical test they must hold a CSCS Health and Safety test pass

  1. CSCS Health and Safety Test- This is a mandatory requirement of the CPCS scheme, all candidates who wish to take a CPCS technical test must have taken a CSCS Health and Safety Test within the last 2 Years. Do not confuse the CSCS card, which is normally valid for 5 years, with the Health and Safety Touch Screen Test. Regardless of the expiry date of your CSCS card your Touch Screen Health and Safety Test must be less than 2 years old
  1. Self Assessment and Operator Profile- Before you book and commit to taking a technical test we suggest you complete our self assessment form and then come to the centre and for a FREE  profile session. One of our trainers will determine if you are ready for and fully understand the requirements of the technical test. You may require an amount of refresher training before the test  
  1. Theory Test- This is a recorded oral test. The tester asks the candidate the questions and the candidate gives his/her answer. The test consists of questions on general Health and Safety including roles and responsibilities of the operator, preparing plant and equipment for work, traveling and maneuvering the plant, setting up for work and operating the plant, completing the task and shutting down the machine. Cleraune Plant Training provide FREE of charge a variety of training material and study notes (which can be downloaded from this web site) to assist the candidate in preparing for the test . 1 hour and 15 minutes is allowed for the test and an interpreter service is available for candidates who have difficulty with English or who are not confident enough in their language skills to attempt the test in English. The theory test is a stand alone test which is valid for 6 months
  1. Practical Test- This is a assessment of the operators practicable ability. A set task is laid out and the operator must complete the test within the specified time and to the required standard with a minimum amount of penalties. Cleraune Plant Training provide free pre assessments to determine the ability of an operator before they book their test. Bespoke training courses tailored to the individuals needs are our specialty 
  1. Red Trained Operator Card- the red card is valid for a period of 2 years. During the 2 year life of the card the operator must achieve a Level 2 NVQ in Plant and Machinery Operations to gain the Blue Card (please click on NVQ on home Page for information about NVQs)


  1. Blue Trained Operator Card- is valid for 5 years and is currently renewal by holding a valid CSCS, having 300 verifiable hours in the CPCS log book and completing a CPCS renewal form. This is due to change this year with the introduction of a CPCS renewal theory test which will be similar to the CSCS Health and Safety Test but will not replace the CSCS test 
  1. CPCS Renewal and Upgrade Forms – can be down loaded directly from www.cskills.org